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We've created this tool to help you work out the size of the Inheritance Tax (IHT) bill you could leave behind when you die. It also shows how your IHT bill could increase as your wealth grows. This can help you future proof your IHT planning, giving you more certainty that your loved ones wont have to worry about it.
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Investment returns

We've assumed that your wealth will grow according to the growth rates below. By changing them, you can see how your wealth and IHT could change in the future.
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We have not included the value of your pension into the calculation on the assumption that you have taken appropriate pensions advice so that the value would fall outside of your estate for IHT purposes on death. If this is not the case then you can factor a value into the calculation under the Other category.

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Your expected IHT now, and in the future:

Based on your total wealth of £0 today, then in the event of your death your potential IHT bill could be:


However, by the time you're xx, your wealth may have grown to £xxx,xxx. This means your IHT bill could also have grown to:


So that's an increase in your wealth of xxx%, and an increase in your IHT bill of xxx%.

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Other assumptions we have made

PruProtect can help get you covered

Getting cover for your potential IHT bill means your loved ones will not have to worry about selling off any assets like the family home when you die. So it gives both you and your loved ones peace of mind when you're gone.

But it is also important to think ahead so you can protect your estate against IHT both now and in the future as your wealth grows. To future proof your IHT plans there are a number of things you could do:

  1. Increase the Whole of Life Cover you buy from the start
  2. Regularly review your cover needs with your financial adviser
  3. Add indexation to your Whole of Life cover so your cover could be more likely to track your IHT bill in the future

Find out more about PruProtect's award winning cover

The figures calculated here are only estimates of your current and future IHT bill based on the information provided and the assumptions stated. You should seek independent professional financial advice when calculating what cover you need.

PruProtect only provides Life Cover to those aged between 18 and 75 at the time of taking out cover.

We offer Life Cover on both a Whole of Life and Term basis. Term cover is only available up to 40 years.